Research Group Leader

Katerina Michaelides
Katerina Michaelides

Project Support

Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown, Project Support for DRIER and MAD DAD projects.

Current Postdocs

Dagmawi Asfaw
Dagmawi Asfaw, Research Associate (Main Advisor), funded by The Royal Society DRIER Project (2020-23)

Jacob Rigby
Jacob Rigby, Research Assoicate (Main Advisor), funded by GCRF Translational Award GCRF MAD DAD Project (2020-22)

David MacLeod
David MacLeod, Senior Research Assoicate (Main Advisor), funded by EU Horizon 2020 Project Down2Earth (2020-23)

Andrés Quichimbo
Andrés Quichimbo, Research Associate (co Advisor), funded by EU Horizon 2020 Project Down2Earth (2021-23)
(based at Cardiff University)

Manuel Rios Gaona
Manuel Rios Gaona, Research Associate (co Advisor), funded by EU Horizon 2020 Project Down2Earth (2021-23)
(based at Cardiff University)

Current PhD Students

(Katerina’s role in parentheses)

Katherine Cocking
Katherine Cocking, PhD (Co-Supervisor), Cardiff University Scholarship
Thesis: Impacts of projected future climate change in the Horn of Africa drylands (2021-)

Isaac Kipkemoi
Isaac Kipkemoi, PhD (Primary Supervisor), Kenyan Government Scholarship
Thesis: Detecting signatures of drought in vegetation of East Africa (2018-)

Tamsin Lockwood
Tamsin Lockwood, PhD (Primary Supervisor, taken over from Jim Freer in 2019)
Thesis: Quantifying the efficacy of in-situ Natural Flood Management (NFM) (2017-)

Current Masters Students

Past Graduate Students (PhD and Masters)

Shiuan-An Chen
Shiuan-An Chen, PhD (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: Climatic controls on river topography (2016-2021)

Eleanor Hansford, MSc (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: Recent precipitation changes in East Africa and their relation to groundwater (2018-19)

Rory Hollings, MScR (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: How do rainstorms shape dryland river basins? (2014-2017)

Thom Turpin-Jelfs, PhD (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: Impacts of environmental change on the soil nitrogen pool in emerging and degrading arid ecosystems. (2014-2019)

Alice Charteris, PhD (2nd Supervisor)
Thesis: 15N tracing of microbial assimilation, partitioning and transport of fertilisers in grassland soils. (2013-2017)

Rebecca Harrison, PhD (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: An Investigation of Spatial and Temporal of Pesticide Dynamics at the Catchment Scale. (2011-2014)

Charlotte Lloyd, PhD (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: Experimental investigations of the effects of hydrological and erosion processes on the transport and fate of livestock-derived organic matter. (2007-2011)

Debbie Lister, PhD (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: Small-Scale Erosion-Driven Nutrient Dynamics in Different Vegetation Communities in Jornada, New Mexico: Implications for Land Degradation. (2004-2007)

Gareth Martin, PhD (Primary Supervisor)
Thesis: Investigating the effects of hillslope-channel coupling on sediment transport in semi-arid areas. (2001-2005)

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