Isaac comes from Kenya, where he got his Masters and Bachelor of Environmental Sciences from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. Now, he is studying for a PhD with Katerina and he is co-supervised by Michael Singer and Rafael Rosolem.

He is currently working on the impacts of climate and climate change on water and vegetation dynamics in Horn of African drylands. He aims to characterise changes in land surface properties in Horn of Africa at synoptic, regional and local scales using a combination of satellite remote sensing and soil-based metrics. Isaac aims to provide vegetation as well as soil moisture dynamics in response to climatic and other hydrological drivers. He has broad range of interests ranging from drought, geostatistics, remote sensing and more broadly data-visualisation and in future thinks of coupling human-physical systems. Please get in touch with him if you would like to discuss any of his work or interests. He would be delighted to hear from you!