Andrew comes from Taiwan, where he got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Department of Geography, National Taiwan University. He is interested in geomorphology, specifically, land surface processes on hillslopes and in river channels. He has recently successfuly completed and passed his PhD on climatic controls on drainage basin characteristics at the global scale. He was co-supervised by Michael Singer and David Richards. Climate is understood to be a first-order control on topographic evolution of drainage basins through rainfall, runoff, and erosion processes. However, the expression of climate is challenging to generalize due to limited datasets that quantify topographic metrics in drainage basins around the globe and disturbances of environmental factors. The specific objectives of this study were to: 1) Analyze river longitudinal profile shapes by climate zones; 2) Compile and meta-analyze long- and short-term erosion rates of drainage basin; and 3) Analyze links between drainage basin characteristics and erosion rate.

Andrew is very multi-talented and is amazing at photography, violin, drawing and probably many other things that we’re not aware of!